Ways Christmas Would be Different If Runners Were In Charge

I was wondering how Christmas would be different if runners were in charge of the holiday.  Well after about 10 seconds of much thought here’s my list:

1. Instead of Santa, Bart Yasso would give out gifts (and yes instead of Secret Santa it would be Secret Yasso (which sounds like a cool spy novel))).

2. Yule time would refer to your time in a Christmas day race.

3. Who need ornaments when you have race bibs and medals?

4. All the reindeer would be named Dasher.

A Christmas tree, the Washington Monument and a caption which sorta relates to the post.  Consider it your present.  For those reading the alternative text, you aren't missing out on anything given my lack of photographic skill

A Christmas tree, the Washington Monument and a caption which sorta relates to the post. Consider it your present from me to you.

5.  Christmas meals would be post race and anyone who raced (and who wouldn’t) gets an extra serving of dessert.

6. NBA player would watch runners on Christmas.

7. Christmas shopping would be so much easier since the only place you would have to shop is your local running store (I’m size medium if you haven’t purchased anything for me yet (stop laughing, Santa/Bart is still watching).

8. Instead of stockings, compression socks would be hung by the chimney with care.

9. Instead of 12 days, it would be 12 miles of Christmas (or KM for my Canadian friends).

10. Everyone would get the day after Christmas off for post race recovery (and the Canadians already have this figured out with Boxing Day).

11. Three Words: Sugar Cookie GU

Needs race medals and bibs.  Bet you could hang gels on it too.  For those reading the alternative text, it is a pretty Christmas tree.  I would say "trust me" but if you read this blog, you know better

Needs race medals and bibs. Bet you could hang gels on it too.

So may your PRs be merry and bright!




Year End Review

Well it is all the rage to blog about the year end review (and I guess none of us expect to do diddly during last three weeks of the year).  Well, far be it from me to buck convention (Santa is on a break, so it is OK to laugh, but make it quick).  So we started the year Happy and Frozen and ended the year up Shaking it Out (and if you didn’t get any of those three references, please let me know because it would warm my heart to know there is someone who is less in tune with society than me).

I started the year as Dec 31 turned into Jan 1 watching the fireworks in Alexandria VA and as the last burst faded I turned back on the empty Mount Vernon Trail and ran home.  Alas, lead in the yearly mileage would not last long.  At this point my long run distance was about 5 miles, and I wore tights that made sausage casings look roomy.  I had no idea what was in store in the next 12 months and did not know the guy plodding his way back to Arlington on Jan 1st would run his first marathon, his first ultra, start a blog, have artwork accepted by the National Gallery of Canada, set PRs, learn the lyrics to Taylor Swift songs and most importantly find a number of friends along the way.  If you had told the Jan 1 version of me what was going to happen, he would have laughed and said something snarky.  Well, some things don’t change.

Review of my year end.  Its a picture of my butt.  Get it? Look on the bright side, you are being spared a picture of me.

Review of my year end.  Don’t understand why bloggers do this,

What happened in the world of Running Lonely?  Well here goes nothing:


January was the calm before a storm I didn’t know was coming. From a running perspective I started training for Cherry Blossom slowly, oh so slowly, but it felt good to start training for my first race since 2011.

In January I started my twitter account.  Also on Jan 31st I published my first blog.  Absolutely no one read it.  This may or may not be related to the face I didn’t actually tell anyone that it existed.

Like many I thought to myself that polar vortexes should be banned.


I bit the bullet (tastes like lead for the record) and tweeted that I had a blog. Bless @tai_fung  for having the guts to read it.  I ran my first race of the year, Love the Run Your With, a 5k, to have a better idea of what pace to target the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.  I did not vomit and given it was a Valentine’s Day themed race, I called that a victory.  As an added bonus I got the famed monkey blanket.  Buoyed by my non-vomiting experience I doubled down and signed up for Marine Corps 1775 even though it sold out in about 5 nanoseconds.  Not sure why I did that since I had never raced two double-digit races in back to back weeks.

It was also the first injury of the year (my knee), but taking a few days off seemed to resolve the issue.

There is no caption that sufficiently can describe the Monkey Blanket.  That being said, it is a monkey logo on a fleece blanket.  What does this have to to with Valentine's Day (when the race was held) you got me.

There is no caption that sufficiently can describe the Monkey Blanket


Like the rest of DC I was snow over it by this point. It was so depressing I started an Instagram account to share the misery.  This also marked the month I got my first Canadian follower.  My training for Cherry Blossom/1775K was up and down but started to finally gel a bit by the end of the month.  I went down to the Shamrock and volunteered even though I wasn’t running any of the races.  Barely made it back to DC before it started to snow—again.


A 25 YO blogger invited her blog readers to challenge themselves every day for 30 days.  Even though I am the antithesis of a person who does 30 day challenges I decide to play along.  Secretly I was worried that I would utterly embarrass myself.  Little did I realize that train had left the station long ago.

I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and although I ran my time goal, it felt unsatisfying,  Maybe I just felt I should have done better, maybe I just felt very alone surrounded by 10K people.  Either way it sounded really badass that I ran the Mount Vernon Trail back home.  The next week I redeemed myself in the 1775K and beat the 10 miler mark and finished with a better pace on a tougher course.

The thing about 1775K is that finishing comes guaranteed registration to Marine Corps Marathon.  I had never run a marathon and didn’t think my knee would hold up to the training, but after much agonizing, I decided to sign up.

It was a month of #beakertude.


Full of hubris from 1775K, I went full bore (no 1/16th bore for THIS blogger) with the end of the 30 day challenge and declare to the world that I am not only going to run my first marathon, but a 50 K, and then I’ll end the year with a 24 Hour Race.  I ran a half marathon in the Alexandria Running Festival with middling results.

In other news I switched my AVI from the InkNBurn Skull shirt to the InkNBurn R2 shirt for May the 4th Be With you and just kept it.  The Pig made his debut on Instagram and started cheering for @alanabonner whenever she would race (which turns out to be a lot).  Also, I signed up for the Army Run in Ottawa at the suggestion of @50statecanuck.

Given the number of Canadian followers I had thought I would impress them with my knowledge of Victoria Day and learned the hard way it had nothing to do with David Beckham’s wife.


Mostly sucked.


The month started with me finding out the hard way that Canadians don’t celebrate 4th of July (who knew?).  I vowed I would make up for it on Civic Holiday in August and started doing Canadian Trivia in my blog to increase my knowledge of Canadian History.   I returned to training from my knee injury with the monster knee brace.  So cautiously coming back from an injury is typically the way to go, but instead I ran a 6 hour race and came in 29th.  I didn’t bother to tell me readers ahead of time but tried to and make up for it I started sharing more about myself.

Most importantly I even posted my first selfie.  It didn’t break the internet, but several people reported indigestion problems.  I also started publishing the blog 3 days a week.

@AbbyandthePig made their debut on Twitter.  After much thought, they decided against blogging much to the joy of their owners/servants.


I posted pictures of my Honda Civic for Canada’s Civic Holiday and once again embarrassed myself.  I knew I could make it up for Thanksgiving. Fresh off my 6 Hour Race I started training for my half in September.  After much beer thought, I decided my training plan would get me ready for the half in September; I would then try to step up to a marathon in October, a 50K in Nov, and the 24 hour race in December. This is why I am not a certified running coach.


On a lark I decided to submit and entry to the National Gallery of Canada for an online exhibit they were having on the story of Bluebeard.  I had a spirited contest ( @goobermonkey I’m with you on the voting, it was rigged) and to my surprise they actually accepted my artwork.  You can see my submission here: National Gallery Blue Beard in Black and White

September was also the month I ran the Army Run and broke my half marathon PR by 2 minutes.  Something I really didn’t think was possible.  I also met Jane, 50statecanuck, Abby and they both met the Pig.  Somehow neither the Pig nor I got deported.  If you ever needed proof on how nice Canadians are, there ya go.

It's a picture of a water fall in Ottawa. I did not try to go over in a barrel demonstrating rare judgement on my part

I did not try to go over in a barrel demonstrating rare judgment on my part


I ran Marine Corps marathon and managed to get passed by the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.  Everyone seems to forget I beat him in the end.  Goobermonkey came to town for the marathon and I enjoyed showing her around town (except for having to go down 4 flights of Exorcist Stairs).

Old post office in DC. Wasn't really part of the tour but was close to where I parked my car.

Wasn’t really part of the tour but was close to where I parked my car.


OK. I screwed up that Thanksgiving is celebrated in October in Canada.  Yet Black Friday is the same, so go figure.  Well there is Boxing Day in December so I have one last chance to redeem myself.

Most people who want to run a 50K sign up for a 50K.  Not this neuron impaired blogger.  I signed up for the Richmond 8K and then would run to the start and run the Richmond Marathon, and run that.  In the end I managed to set a 6 hour PR, didn’t die, and now know how to not have a timing chip register if I ever need to.  I also had some awesome pizza, so in general I declared victory,


About the only running related item (other than training) was I did manage to set my 10 miler PR while training for my 24 hour race (yes, I am unclear on the concept of training (or racing (or a lot of things really))).

Letting the Pig near my fries is another example of poor judgement.  Not as bad as writing a romance novel sequence about petting a dog, but still poor judgement.

Letting the Pig near my fries is another example of poor judgment. Not as bad as writing a romance novel sequence about petting a dog, but still poor judgment.

This really isn’t a complete year-end review though for two reasons.  The first is that I have my 24 Hour race on the 31st and much of how I will look at this year will hinge on how that race goes.

The other is that December 26th is Boxing Day in Canada and I will finally get a Canadian Holiday right.  I have the boxing gloves to prove it.






Friday Funnies

One of the things about writing a blog is that there are a lot of screw ups (well if you are me anyway).  Sometime I read something I wrote and just think better of keeping it in the blog.  Then other times I just totally screw something up.  If I am lucky, I catch the screw up before I publish.  Then again it may be weeks until I notice.  Here are a few outtakes  from blog during the past year:

But first, flowers for Friday

But first, flowers for Friday. The fact that it has nothing to do with the post is not an outtake, but business as usual around here

1.  In my original Marine Corps 1775 race report I misspelled Corps every time (leaving off the “s”).   No one told me and I figured it out about a week later and corrected it.  The good news is that I have now people willing to tell me when my blog is an abomination.  These are busy people indeed.

2. In my infrequently asked questions post, I almost added “Is the Pig a male or a female?” with the response “A male, what kind of guy do you think I am that I would sleep with a female pig?”  Almost walked right into that one.

3. Outtakes are not limited to the just written word.  Here is one of the pics I almost put in the blog.  I was making some comment in my blog post in my make your own 50K  with the quote “haul my considerable butt up a hill” and I almost made the mistake of adding this pic.

This was going to be captioned "Me and my considerable butt.  Maybe all my hair went down to my butt"

This was going to be captioned “Me and my considerable butt. Maybe all my hair went down to my butt”

<insert palm to forehead here>

4. But my outtakes can span all sorts of stupid.  For instance on the blog post about my trip to Ottawa for “Best Weekend Ever” there was the part where Jane, @50statecanuck, and I were caught out in the rain while walking her dog, Abby.  I almost made a mistake and put the following section in the blog:

We got back to her house just as the rain slowed down, but we were already soaked to the bone.  What happened next you ask?  We went inside and I reached toward her and gently touched behind her ear, then slowly traced my finger across her jaw and then I flicked a raindrop off the tip of her chin.   She started to shift a bit and then our eyes locked.  I moved my fingers from her chin and down her neck.  I tried to be strong and stoic, but watching her obvious pleasure caused my heart to race and a smile grew on my face. I paused for a second then my fingers made it down to her chest where she started to squirm in delight.  Wait a second, get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about petting Abby.  Geeze.

That was just wrong on SO SO SO many levels.

Still so very wrong

Still so very wrong, Yes, the Pig is so ashamed he is trying to walk away.  Hey wait, I have another outtake!

Hope that everyone has a Pigtastic weekend with no outtakes!




Setting Goals both Real and Imaginary

When you approach a race in which you have no clue how you are perform (my 24 hour Race, Across the Years), goal setting is a trick.  I had talked in a previous post you have forgotten about (or maybe it is a repressed memory) of the difficulty of putting down the number of miles I thought I would finish with.

It’s difficult because I have no clue what I am doing.  Yes, I have done research, and have done some semi-training, but I haven’t gone over 33 miles at a time and even that didn’t go exactly as planned.  So how do you set a goal when you don’t have a basis for how you are going to do?  Now if I was smart (Santa is still watching and he heard what you were thinking there) I would just take a “do my best and be happy with whatever happens and learn from the experience”.  Long time readers of this blog know that is about as likely as me running a 4 minute mile or using the mistletoe that I bought (and while we are on the subject, doesn’t mistletoe sound like a problem a ultrarunner would have?)  I had said previously that 60 miles is what I should expect given the results of people with similar (OK, better) training to mine.  Instead of setting hard and fast (OK, hard and slow) goals, what I have decided to do is have a tiered approach of mileage totals.  But honestly it is more putting together a sheet with the various goals and how it would look on a per 24/12/8/6/4/2 hour basis.  So here is roughly what it looks like.

The owls are looking for my goals.

The owls are looking for my goals.  I say “Whooo cares”

1. Don’t come in dead last.

I have come in last in my age group before and 4th from last in a race (both over 30 years ago), but I really, really, really don’t want to come in last.  Now typically someone gets hurt and has to leave before the marathon mark.  I don’t want to avoid last place due to the injury of others, and if no one gets hurt, then I will need over 50K to pull off avoiding last.  The good news is I have done over 50K (barely) so I have a shot of not being the basement dweller.

2. Don’t die

Fairly self-explanatory other than it comes after not coming in last.  That explanation would take years of therapy to explain I suspect.

3. 50 Miles

This is where my mileage sheet starts as the lowest goal.  Although it is my lowest goal I struggle with how to exactly get here since the most likely scenario is that I start off OK, crash and burn or get injured and at some point just give up. I do have to be realistic about this being my first 24 hour race (and yes we all are painfully aware how realism and I get along, but I did say 1st 24 hour race and not last, so there is something there for those of you out there that want me to be more optimistic).  50 would be a mileage PR so it will be at the bottom of the sheet.

70 miles

Now we are getting to where I am expecting to get. It’s over 100k, would probably put me in the top half of finishers. This scenario would have me starting fairly strong in the first 6 hours, fading in the next 6 and walking most of the last 12 while tending to issues like blisters, clothes changes for the colder nights, and finding out it is hard to run after scarfing down an entire pizza (OK, I admit already know that one).  Of course there will be a few minutes I will have to spend signing autographs for my adoring fans (Santa is STILL watching).

80 miles and above
This would put me in the top 1/3 which is about the best I can really hope for under the circumstances. Sure, I would like the above part, but it was take a major miracle to get 100 miles.  This scenario is like the 70 miler, with more running in the last 12 hours.  For the record, my sheet does list that if I can do 4.5 laps an hour for 22 hours I will be at 99 laps (with 2 hours of time to spare).  Is it the most likely way things will go? No, but why not be prepared for that once in a lifetime day?



You deserve a beer after this post.

You deserve a beer after this post.

140 Miles and Above,

The laws of physics are suspended for 24 hours and I figure out how to take full advantage leading to a kick butt total.  As an added bonus my mistletoe comes in handy, world peace ensues and traffic is light for two weeks on I-95.  A Running Lonely can dream can’t he?



Gift Giving Hints– What They Really Mean

So it is that gift giving time of year where we have to read subtle and not so subtle hints on the perfect gift.  We as runners are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to this because our needs are so obvious.  If you are going around singing “All I want for Christmas is GU” it is a pretty safe bet that you want GU and the 11 cases of salted caramel flavor taking up every spare inch of the pantry is probably good enough of a clue that you will end up with want you want (though I would buy some Peanut Butter GU to add some variety). The rest of the world isn’t always so blatant about what they want.  Fortunately I can help you translate those hints into what they really want.

This was taken last year before the "Death Star" renovations started.

This was taken last year before the “Death Star” renovations started.

What they say“I think this dress would be great for girls night out”

What they mean: I need another pair of black running tights.

What they say: “If I had a new chain saw I could take care of that tree in the back”

What they mean:”Buy yourself a Oiselle gift certificate, I really don’t need anything”.

What they say: “Why do you have 6 different brands of compression socks?”

What they mean: “I am totally jealous of your Flashdance/BAMF look and would like a pair of compression socks for myself.  As a fortunate coincidence we share the same sock size in case I don’t like it”.

What they say: In front of a jewelry store they say “what a lovely ring that is”.

What they mean: I want Body Glide.

Happy Shopping!



Frolicking Friday

The title is total BS, but how often do you get to use the term “frolicking”?  Not often enough (at least if you are me).  This Friday’s post is a bit disjointed, but hey, it just means the weekend will seem that much sweeter (that is the way it works, right?)

Well my outdoor Christmas decorations are up.  Inside is mostly done with only a few touches left.  One of the things I like to do most years during the holidays is going to the Alexandria boat parade which has boats of various sizes decked out in lights.  Not sure if I will go this year since it is supposed to rain. Here is one of my favorites from last year:


The lamp from Christmas Story in boat form.  Totally cool.

The lamp from Christmas Story in boat form. Totally cool.

My training for my 24 HR race has been mostly good and I have mostly stuck to my plan.  I had a bit of an ankle issue which caused me to bag one run, but in general I can’t complain about my training (well, other than I have to be there for it).  My planning for my 24 HR race on the other hand is beginning to drive me a little nuts (be nice, Santa is watching). I am having to plan for multiple scenarios (weather: rain, cold, heat, dust storm (OK, I’m not doing much about dust storm)) Also I have to look at what I will eat and drink and little things like 40mg of caffeine aren’t a big deal until you multiple by 30 or 60 and all of a sudden you are looking at a boatload of buzz (which BTW is the official measurement of buzz and is the same in metric and English measurement systems).  Even eating “normal” food has to be looked at because no one wants too much fiber at midnight (OK, maybe someone does, but I am not that someone).  Much of my anxiety really revolves around I have no clue how this race will go.  My plan is that I am going to start running for a couple of laps, switch over to run/walk after the globs of people have dissipated and then see what the hell happens based on how I feel.  When will I crash and burn?  How long will it take me to get my 2nd wind (or 40th)?  Will I cry when the other runners laugh at me and my monster knee brace when they pass me for the 30th time?  OK, I am not too worried about the last one because I am good at clothes-lining people when the occasion requires (if you don’t know what a clothes-line tackle is, just Google it because I am too lazy to put in a picture or video).  There are a lot of questions and a lot of real-time tweaking that will be required of my plan (and if we were all being honest, my decision-making skills which are suspect in the best of times, are likely to be seriously impaired at 2 AM (and as long as we are being honest I suspect you are REALLY looking forward to my race report for this one because I won’t even have to try to be funny)).

I have not decorated my office for the holidays this year.  Last year I went the lazy route and used empty Starbucks cups.  I can’t even muster the effort to stack coffee cups this year.

OK, I might have a small caffeine addiction

OK, I might have a small caffeine addiction.  This picture actually is about to tie into running

For Across the Year, I plan on cutting out coffee for the week prior to the race (and caffeine in general) so I can maximize the effect of caffeine during the race.  So, not only will I be traveling on Christmas, I will be going through a wicked caffeine withdrawal headache so don’t be surprised when you read about some weirdo getting arrested at the airport for talking back to a TSA agent.  Hopefully the Pig will bail me out of jail.

He doesn't even squeal on the foam roller.

Unlike me, he doesn’t  squeal on the foam roller.

So everyone have a Pigtastic weekend!



The Hole

The 15 years prior to this year my racing calendar was a race or two in the spring and a targeted race in the fall.  Most of my running was for the sake of running and not targeted at any one race.  This year has been different with 11 races on the calendar (a lucky number in some cultures).  I have been jumping from race to race building distance along the way.  I have one race left this year, Across the Years, which starts on Dec 31 and ends (I hope) on Jan 1 (which begs the question, how to do count the miles of a race that starts in one year and ends in another? (and who begs questions anyway?)). After that there is a just a hole.  I have signed up for zero races for next year.

There are a few reasons for this.  First, I have no idea how long I will need to recover from a 24 Hour race.  I know I will need to take some time off, but I really don’t have a good feeling for when I will be able to seriously train again (oh, hush, I can hear you thinking).  It makes it hard to sign up for a spring race like the Zion half or Rock and Roll DC without knowing when I will be able to start training.  Unlike this year, I would like to avoid going into every race being under trained (OK, I was probably sufficiently trained for my 5K last Feb, so the other 10).

Bird dropping season.  Ok, not really, it's snow.

Bird dropping season. Ok, not really, it’s snow. I hope you weren’t eating. As usual, this picture has nothing to do with the post.

The next reason is financial. This year I threw caution to the wind (and given my weak arm it mostly blew back in my face) and spent what I needed to keep running.  I spent an ungodly amount of money on my chiro and massages, all the clothes that needed to be replaced when I lost weight, foam rollers (yes, plural), trips to Phoenix and Ottawa, gels, wasp spit, and other assorted running expenses,  I know I can’t keep spending money like I have this year (1100 on race entries alone).  I need to be smart and budget for the coming year, but haven’t figured out if I should race less, travel less, or figure out a way to keep my old dude body moving forward with fewer massages.  Some combination of all of the above is probably the right answer.

The last and probably biggest reason I haven’t signed up for anything is that I really don’t know what’s next.  I started this year thinking I would never run a marathon. This year I will have gone from a monkey blanket 5K to a 24 hour race and will have run four marathons(or above (and three in the last three months of the year)).  Honestly I don’t know how I am going to top that.  I don’t think that 48 hour (or longer) races would be my thing.  I thought about running a race in all of the Canadian provinces in a year (expensive with a lot of travel), or maybe get the Rock and Roll Race pass and run as many Rock and Roll races as possible (similar issues and I don’t get to meet as many Canadians).  I could just randomly race but the pull isn’t as strong as it was this year.  That being said there are some races that are of particular interest (Mt Washington comes to mind).

For now I will go La-La-La–La-La (or since it is the holidays maybe Fa-La-La-La-La).  But come 9AM on Jan 1 I will stop my 24 hour race and start looking at how to fill the hole in my racing calendar (after I collapse in a heap).



The One Hundred

Well what do ya know, this is my 100th post.  Before I bore you with all of my musings, I will get to the important part (and lose most of my readers in the process).  Here is the new holiday AVI I will put up on Twitter later this week (and maybe Instagram).


100 posts- hard to believe I could write that many.  You may have may have wondered what posts people actually read on this blog (or maybe not, play along, this is my 100th post).  The two most visited pages are the home page, and the About Me if You Care page.  Most people come to the site via the home page since you can read more than one blog post there.  But for the hits to a specific posts here are the top 10 hits:


So if you want people to read your blog, it helps to run races.  4 of the top 10 are race reports.  The only one of the top 10  that is from the first couple of months of the blog is “Worst Running Songs”.  It still cracks me up that people keep searching for that.  And in fairness here is the bottom 5.  For the record, the Academy Award speech I did not get to give for Best Long Run got all of two hits.

5 worst

So where do my readers come from?  Well the top 3 (DC, Arlington VA, Ottawa, Canada) have held pretty steady since April, but there is an occasion hit from Manado, Ypsilanti Township, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and even New York City.  As for the one person who managed a way to get around government censorship in Iran and ended up on my site, I am truly sorry. I can only hope that you managed to get to a worthwhile site before you were captured.  Though maybe the government only allows access to my site as a way of showing that the Satan of the West isn’t all that great after all (I’m guessing monkey blankets don’t translate well (OK, they don’t make that much sense in the original English either)).

How do I come up with the topics that I blog about?  Sometimes I’m in a blogging flow and will have a week planned out in advance but mostly I wing it.  I find posting three days a week works well for me.  I’m not one of those daily bloggers who talks about my life, because, as you have you figured out by now, I don’t particularly like to talk about my life (trust me I live it and it isn’t worth talking about).  However, despite my feelings, I have liked doing the Friday sessions when I try to give some idea of what is going on.  In the end this is still mostly a humor blog thinly disguised as a running blog (or not so thinly since this is me we are talking about).

So where do I go from here?  I should redesign the site to look less like a chaotic mess and more like a real blog.  I should put in a real older post section, and fix the follow me button that doesn’t follow me (though you could consider that to be a public service).  Those changes take time, effort and money and I prefer to spend all of those things toward running (which oddly enough is also a chaotic mess).  Something for me to think about when I get around to planning next year.

So that’s 100.  Thanks as always for reading and for your feedback.  The energy I toss into the internet with the blog is returned 10 fold in your response.  I will leave you with a picture from my 15 miler today.

Ah, water.  Looks warmer than it was, trust me.  Or don't trust me, after all this is a caption and captions are notoriously untrustworthy

Ah, water. Looks warmer than it was, trust me. Or don’t trust me, after all this is a caption and captions are notoriously untrustworthy.  I got off point again didn’t I?  Well, pretty picture and heck, sometimes that will just have to do.




Black Friday isn’t so black

I don’t have many holiday traditions, but there is one thing that causes me to smile every year.  I call him “Yea Guy”.  I got a set of the dishes while visiting my parents in Boston for the holidays many years back and included with the Christmas Tree, Santa and Star cups was a silly looking reindeer.  The craftsmanship on this is poor.  You can see his left leg isn’t filled in, his neck isn’t actually connected to his body, but despite (or maybe even because) of these flaws this reindeer continues to be happy and cheerful,   Maybe the reason I like it, is that it reminds me of myself (well minus the cheerful part),




So tomorrow is my next long run.  Since I can’t wear tights with my monster knee brace I have been trying out ways to keep my right leg warm.  On my short run on Thanksgiving I tried out using a leg warmer that cyclist use and it was fairly effective.  Will probably try that out again to see if it works on longer distances.  Went to a few museums during Thanksgiving and will talk about that on Sunday,

Flowers for Friday

Flowers for Friday

Have a Pigtastic weekend!



If Runners Were Part of the First Thanksgiving

OK, nobody is going to read this post because all my readers are with family and friends (or at least for my American readers I hope so).  But since I had some time on my hands I thought I would postulate on how Thanksgiving would be different if runners were part of the first Thanksgiving.

Postulate Time!!

1. Instead of a table you would get your food at an aid station.

2. Turkey trots would be mandatory (why do they name it that?  Who wants a turkey with The Trots?)

3. Salted Carmel GU for dessert. Oh, wait, that’s the same as today.

4. Over the river and through the woods would be a course description, not the way to grandmother’s house.

5. Football players would watch runners on TV.

6. Only running stores would be open on Thanksgiving.

7. No kids tables, only kids races.

8. Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Potato Casserole Flavored Gels.

9. Wednesday would be the feast of carb loading for the Thursday race.

10. Friday would be a holiday to aid in race recovery.

For my US readers I hope you and yours have the happiest of Thanksgivings.  For everyone else, you get a Thursday post from me, and if that doesn’t give you a reason to be thankful…